The Politropon NGO was established in 2001 in the city of Volos, Greece, as a non profit organisation and as an association of experts in the area of social care and human resources development. The aims of the Association are exclusively developmental and humanitarian and are based on the common cooperation both with state and other bodies and with individuals, and cannot even indirectly become profit making.

The Politropon NGO is aimed at policies and/or actions which:

  1. Help, aid or enable participation in the co-ordination of actions of social cohesion, inclusion and solidarity promoting and extending activities aiding social development and convergence between more and less developed regions of the European Union.
  2. Promote or participate in the formulation and implementation of programmes for social support and accompanying measures, interventions, training and research/study activities for the promotion of the civil society in common with other European organisations or bodies.
  3. Promote information and dissemination initiatives for the empowerment of the common European identity, gender equality and inclusion of vulnerable social groups.
  4. Promote the solidarity, cooperation and networking between European organisations and bodies that are being governed by humanitarian ideals and respect democratic principles.
  5. Promote the idea of an active civil society.
  6. Establish, wherever the circumstances allow, counselling centres in every Greek prefecture, so that the ideas of the civil society and the international solidarity will be promoted
  7. Enable the realisation of interventions of a social character for the support of the weakest groups of the population, irrespectively of their nationality, in Greece or abroad.
  8. Participate and promote the establishment of hostels for the homeless and the children of the street and cooperate with the relevant state bodies for undertaking their education or vocational training and promotion to employment.
  9. Contribute to the promotion of analysis, methodology and research on social and humanitarian matters and disseminate good practices and innovative actions, tools and methods.
  10. Increase public and group awareness on European social issues, employment policies and strategies contributing to convergence and cohesion through: (i) Information and sensitisation of public opinion, and (ii) programmes responding to the social situation of special groups and enabling or encouraging their participation and access to cultural and social activities.

Politropo NGO Networks and Co-operation. Since its establishment in 2001, the Politropon NGO has participated in the following:

  • Community Action Programme, VS/2002/0513, “Vulnerable Areas Recovery” (VAR), Phase 1, 2002-2006, Preparatory Action.
  • European Commission, DG Fisheries, Title of Project: Women Network for a New Concept of Fisheries in Social Responsibility. No 2003/C115/07-09.
  • Membership and participation in the European Network of NGOs ENAR. Politropon NGO acts at the local and regional level as a project consultant to Municipal Service Organisations and co-operates closely with Municipalities, Prefectures and Social Partners in the Region of Thessaly and Central Greece in planning and supporting human resources development/training, cultural development, social care services and information, gender mainstreaming, raising awareness and dissemination activities for combating the exclusion of vulnerable groups (women, immigrants, ROMA, refugees, single parent families, etc.).